Client Feedbacks

“I have only had 2 sessions with Michelle and she so easily connected situations in my life that I’ve never noticed before. I am already seeing a difference by just being more educated with my thoughts and feelings. I am excited to further continue my sessions with Michelle.”


October 2020

“I feel like she just gets how to get through to me.”


December 2022

“The sessions are very helpful and constructive.”


January 2023

“Excellent therapist very good listener and easily relates to my situation.”


February 2023

“Michelle is amazing!”


February 2023

“Michelle has helped me think differently and more productively about my struggles and anxieties.”


February 2023

”[Michelle] is very knowledgeable abs also very down to earth and easy to talk to.”


March 2023

“She was direct and upfront with me needing to address my feelings more instead of rambling about what I’m physically doing problem solving I needed to hear that.”


June 2023

“Michelle is very patient and helpful. I appreciate her help.”


June 2023

“Great listener and always provides great feedback.”


June 2023

“I think michelle is a good fit for me I think I will benefit greatly from working with her.”


July 2023

”I really value our sessions michelle is a great coach in helping me not only visualize what it is that I want to focus on in my daily life in an authentic way but also provides tools guidance on ways to get there.”


August 2023

“I appreciate how good she is at listening it’s helpful for me when I get to just let it all out. I’d like some more coaching intertwined throughout our sessions, I really find it valuable.”


September 2023